My MIA Summer Update

Hi there, Mamas! So another summer nearly at a close, another few months of not so much from yours truly.

I blame my summer birthday tendencies. Let me know if I’m the exception, other summer birthday people, but once the sun starts shining and the days get longer, I mentally check out. It’s like I’m back in the grade school days when summers meant total party – a break from work and responsibility.

Of course, as an employee I can’t take a three month break from work and as a parent, I can’t take a 3 minute break from parenthood (so it seems). But, it does mean that other “responsibilities” – even this blog, which I love – fall to the wayside.

So, here are the things that have been occupying my time this summer:

  • Swimming – L loves water! She has been taking swimming lessons this summer and she is just about fearless! She will jump to me in the water and dunk her head under. We even got her to float and tread water on her own (while wearing her Puddle Jumper, but still!). The only thing she won’t do is blow bubbles, but we all need something to work on. We’ve also hit up a splash pad or two.

    L loves summer, too!

    L loves summer, too!

  • Baseball – The hubs and I don’t go to very many ball games anymore since L has arrived, but we love going to the Cardinals games when they play the Giants. My family are four-generation (well, I guess five, now that L is in the picture) Giants fans, starting when they were back in New York! We got tickets in the Champion’s Club, so free food (a dietitian’s dream).

    Go Giants!

    Go Giants!

  • Peach and Blackberry Picking – Just like last year, we had to hit up Eckert’s again for peach and blackberry picking. We were a little on the early side for peaches, so they were still a little tart, but they ripened up nicely. Plus, the sweet ripe blackberries more than made up for it. wp-1470776245069.jpg
  • L’s First Movie – L laughed so hysterically at the previews, I thought this would make a great first theater movie. She did well (or at least as well as a two-year-old can do at the movies) and she loved the popcorn!


    I tried to get the movie poster in the picture, but she wouldn’t look at the camera in any of those. Oh, well!

  • Turning 30 – Yikes! It’s a big one! Guess there’s no avoiding it. I had a great day out with friends checking out some local breweries. wp-1470776244921.jpg

    My cousin and I were born the same day, 19 years apart. In 10 years, I'll be the 40 year-old crashing her 21st birthday party!

    My cousin and I were born the same day, 19 years apart. In 10 years, I’ll be the 40 year-old crashing her 21st birthday party!

  • Botanical Gardens – The day after my birthday, Missouri Botanical Gardens offers free admission (to both the general area and Children’s Garden). So, the past two years, we have gone. L had a blast running around the children’s area (which really is very cool) and we enjoyed some flash-churned ice cream, which uses liquid nitrogen. Pretty nifty and very tasty! wp-1470782857771.jpg wp-1470782857768.jpg
  • Weekend Trip to Michigan – My hubby loves watching football (soccer) and his favorite team is Chelsea FC. It just so happened that they were scheduled to play in Michigan this summer for the International Champions Cup. We decided to make the 8 hour trek for a weekend getaway and had a great time! (Despite the 1 mile+ walk in the pouring rain…)
    Thanks for the ponchos, Mom!

    Thanks for the ponchos, Mom!


So just as sure as kiddos will be going back to school, I, too, will get back in routine. It’s been real, summer!


What are your favorite ways to pass the time in the summer?

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