{July Update}

Hi there, Mamas!  It has been a while!  I certainly don’t enjoy leaving you hanging for the next article on family nutrition, but things have been so crazy this month!  Here’s an update on what’s been going on recently:

  • I’m finishing the last class to complete my Master’s.  This one is exciting, but ultimately very time consuming.  It’s the main reason (time) that I haven’t written recently.  Of course, my last class is the most intensive and time consuming one that I’ve had to take (biochemistry of micro-nutrient [think vitamins and minerals] absorption – yikes!).  However, I have only one exam left and should be completely finished by July 30th.  Whoo hoo!  I am so looking forward to having my evenings back to write (and cook, as the hubby has been doing most of that recently)!  Plus, it will be worth it to have the MS after my name!
  • I’ve been working more.  This one has been incredibly fun and amazing!  I added a second part-time job (in addition to the blog) to my rotation.  This is the type of work I love doing – at a private practice with people who want to change their life and health for the better!
  • My birthday.  Let’s face it – I am the type of person who takes advantage makes the most of her birthday month!  Many activities, meeting up with friends, and dinners out.  I love having a summer birthday! (Still not sure what to do for a toddler’s winter birthday that doesn’t break the bank, so if any Mamas have some ideas, send them my way, please!)
  • L is as active as ever.  It seems like it’s been either rainy or blistering hot for the past few weeks, so when it had been nice weather recently, I decided to take full advantage!  One of our favorite activities was peach and blackberry picking.  I can’t wait to make a cobbler with our pickins!

Truly a gorgeous day!


L and Mama, ready to taste-test!


So good! You can tell because most of it ended up on her face and shirt!


She even kept eating peaches through the blackberry patch!

  • Product testing/reviewing.  BrightCore Nutrition reached out to me to sample their new product, TrueFood.  While I did receive a free sample of this product, all opinions and reviews are my own.  I received both an original flavor, as well as chocolate.  Of course, with my sweet tooth, I opted for the chocolate first.  The smell upon opening the container was very earthy, so I was a little nervous.  I mixed with some chocolate milk after a workout, and it was pretty good!  I can’t wait to head back to their website to try out some of their delicious-sounding recipes.  I can definitely see TrueFood becoming part of my daily routine.

So, let’s just say I’ve been a bit preoccupied.  It’s bummed me out for sure because this site is one thing I really look forward too each week.  Once we hit August and my evenings are freed up again, I plan to get right back to business.  In the mean time, thanks for bearing with me, and I hope you are all having a very happy July!

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  1. Melissa | HerGreenLife says:

    Just found you through the StL Food Bloggers group. I am also a nutrition-conscious mama (though my son has move on to “mommy”), and I just started back to school to complete the dietetics courses I need for the DPD at Fontbonne. Congrats on getting your Masters! I look forward to following your blog.

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