Avoiding Distraction: Why I Walk with Hand Weights

Hi there, Mamas! So, summer is all but over and we’re getting back in the swing of things. It’s a little bittersweet. While the fun and spontaneity of summer is behind us, I know I can use the next few weeks to establish good habits to get me through the next year and make healthy living a breeze.

One habit I need to focus on is getting back into my regular exercise schedule. Late nights of summer fun left me hitting snooze on my 4:45 am alarm. That meant my workouts were passed over for a few more minutes of shut-eye.

My typical workout is some type of DVD. I got started with TheFIRM¬†workouts in high school (borrowing my mom’s) and my collection has grown to include Amy Bento, Jillian Michaels, Leslie Sansone, and The Bar Method, to name a few. I go through different phases, depending on what I’m in the mood to do. Often, especially if I’m extra sleepy in the morning, I’ll try something a little lower impact – usually Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds or The Bar Method.

I love these lower impact workouts. A big plus is that I can adjust the intensity as I start to wake up and shrug off the sleep. However, I have run into a big problem with these lower impact workouts: technology distraction.

The Distraction Predicament

My early workouts mean I usually have an early bedtime. My phone is set up to block apps like Facebook and Pinterest after 9 pm. When I wake up I find myself ready to scroll away to see what I’ve missed in the *gasp* eight hours since I last looked.

Unfortunately, it’s easy to get sucked in. If I’m not careful, I’ll realize my workout is all but finished and I’ve hardly broken a sweat. I’ve been too wrapped up in looking at my phone. Let’s face it – that’s not doing me any favors.

I’ve started a couple different tricks to make sure I maximize my workouts – sans phone. The most obvious is to just leave it upstairs. (Our workout room is in the basement.) However, if I forget or just otherwise want the phone near me, I’ll pick up two-pound hand weights so I’m not tempted to grab it.

Not only do the weights keep me distraction-free (and therefore increase my workout’s intensity), but they add a little intensity of their own. Maybe not too much, but after holding them for a 45 minute workout, my arms are starting to feel it!

I recently read this article on dealing with technology distraction. It lists some great tips to avoid the time-suck so you can keep checking things off your to-do list.

So tell me, Mamas: What are your favorite at-home workouts? How do  you exercise distraction free?



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