Rainbow Update

Hey there, Mamas! It had been so long since I’ve been in touch and for that I apologize. As I wrote about here, my husband and I suffered through two devastating miscarriages in 2016. We found out last October that we were expecting again and were both overjoyed and terrified!

I had the superstition (however silly it may have been) that if I were “mommy blogging” during that pregnancy, it may tempt fate and we would end up miscarrying again. We prayed that the baby aspirin and progesterone would be the answer we were looking for to get us past the first trimester and be able to bring home a healthy baby.

As hard and sad as it was, we hardly acknowledged this pregnancy at first and didn’t make any sort of public announcement until I was 20 weeks along. We would talk about “if” (instead of “when”) this baby would make it home with us. I didn’t consider a sprinkle or making any preparations for the nursery until I was into my third trimester. Basically, we took the “don’t talk about the baby” route.

For whatever reason (I’m not asking questions), this pregnancy stuck and we were so blessed to welcome Baby Boy C into our family at the end of June. He was born on his due date, just like L.

Now that we are settling into somewhat of a routine, I am hoping to get back to blogging as much as my schedule will allow. I’ll be working out of the house three days a week, so I’m hoping that will make for a nice work-life balance.

Tell me, Mamas: How did you handle your rainbow pregnancies? I would love to hear your stories!

Family photo credit: Carrie Carpunky Photography

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